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With a varied performing career as a frontman, bandleader and supporting musician spanning over 20 years, below are a selection of Bob Burke's main album contributions (aligned left) and an outline of the regular live touring acts.  


Starting in the early 1990s as a pianist/keyboardist, shifting the emphasis to acoustic guitarist and frontman in the late 90s, then producer and bandleader during a prolific period in 2007-08 - the period since has featured regular touring and recording with Tinderbox and engagement with a wide range of exciting projects (see below). 

[LIVE] Tinderbox 

With four albums and several succesful tours, Tinderbox have cultivated a reputation for emotive songs and captivating live performances.  Built on the longstanding musical partnership of husband and wife team, Monique Houraghan (Vocals) and Dan Tucker (Guitar and Vocals), Bob Burke has been a regular member of the Tinderbox line-up since 2007. 

[Project] Songs For Wild Horses, 2015

Inspired by the landscape and stories of the New Forest and Norway, 'Songs for Wild Horses' was commissioned by New Dimensions from Norwegian composers, Nils Økland and Øyvind Skarbø and the Coda Music Trust.  The work included arrangements of traditional Norwegian music and the song ‘Songs for Wild Horses’ written by Bob Burke.

The sell-out performance took place in the beautiful setting of The Treehouses at Beaulieu in Oct 2015 and audience members were taken on a musical journey through the forest.

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Tinderbox, LIVE! At The Cottage, 2014

Live! At The Cottage was recorded by Dave Booth at The Cottage, Debenham, Suffolk, featuring the regular Tinderbox trio at the end of the Spring 2014 tour.  The evening is presented sensitively-mixed and unedited in the sequence of the concert - as evidenced by the photographed setlist in the inlay.  Capturing a live chemistry developed over several years, this album brings together old favourites and brand new material including a debut performance of 'Down the Track' and a second-ever outing for 'Leave Your Light On'.


Guitar, Backing Vocals, Composition 

[LIVE] Bob Burke

During a varied live music career (see below), Bob Burke has consistently performed original material in a range of solo and group situations with material from Merchant Cellar (1998), The Linford Project (2002), Shadow of Mercury (2008) and a very productive songwriting spell on tour with Lou Brown in 2008.

Follow the link for a live version of 'Orion's Belt' with Lidia Cascarino-Close (Bass) and Gav Jones (Drums)

Click for live footage of 'Orion's Belt'

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Ninebarrow, While The Blackthorn Burns, 2014

Award-winning Dorset folk duo, Ninebarrow, combine breathtaking vocal harmonies and melodies, delivering original songs that are inspired and rooted in the landscape and history of the British Isles.  Ninebarrow craft unique and engaging original material and rework a wide-range of traditional folk songs in their own, distinctive way.  Bob Burke contributed Mandocello on two tracks.


"In their close harmonies and rural imagery, Ninebarrow occupy the middle ground between Simon & Garfunkel and Seth Lakeman: a place of lyricism, longing and masterly songwriting" (Rick Pearson, Evening Standard).


[LIVE] Catherine Burke Band

Starting from an upbringing in the British folk tradition, developing a passion for bluegrass and inspired by UK story-songsmith Rory McLeod, Catherine Burke has developed her brand of Britgrass, a fusion of bluegrass and often humourous story songs.  Playing a utility role within his sister's band, Bob Burke sings backing vocals and plays acoustic guitar or bass guitar (if upright bass isn't available!).

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Tinderbox, Counting Time, 2012

Continuing the work with The State of Play producer, Arthur Rathbone-Pullen, Counting Time is built on the acoustic trio foundation of recent tours with addtional appearnces from special guests Claire Manners (sax), Paul Davies (lap steel) and Katie McLeod (cello).  This album features the track 'Amelia's Dancing' which was used to promote the Amelia-Grace Rainbow fund charity concert with Mike Silver, as well as live favourites, 'Lovely To Me' and 'Valentino'.



Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals, Composition

Click forThe State of Play

Tinderbox, The State of Play, 2010

The first Tinderbox album to be produced by Arthur Rathbone-Pullen, The State of Play came during a period when the duo-trio line up had replaced the full-band of Golden.  Featuring Julian Leon (drums) and guest appearances from Kevin Dempsey, Pat & Wendy Morrow and Pete Christie, these productions build from the acoustic essence of the live shows with exquisite vocal arrangements and a colouful palette of instrumental textures. The State of Play features mainstays of the live set, 'Broken Trees' and 'River To The Sea'.


Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals

[LIVE] Across Horizons (2012, 2013)

Based from Bournemouth Folk Club, Across Horizons was sporned after BB's 2012 Cultural Olympiad collaboration with Gambian Kora griot, Sura Susso.

Across Horizons, 2012 - Bob Burke, Amadou Diagne, Cheikh Diop (both Senegal), Julian Leon (Colombia), Chris Hopgood (UK) 

Across Horizons, 2013 - Bob Burke, Sura Susso (Gambia), Amadou Diagne (Senegal), Chris Hopgood, Dave Eales and Magpie Chatter

[LIVE] Sura Susso (Gambia, 2012)

Following performances and workshops at the Coda Music Trust for the 2012 London Olympics, Bob Burke joined Sura Susso for a set of concerts in Gambia in 2012, including the celebration of the ACE cable launch for regional political and business dignitaries.  

The band featured Sura Susso (Kora, Vocals and Percussion), Bob Burke (Guitar and Vocals), Amadou Suso (Percussion), Ansumana Suso (Balafon), and Lena Badjie (Vocals).

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Tinderbox, Golden, 2008

The first full-band offering by Tinderbox, Golden caught the group during an exciting period when songs which had been conceived as small-scale acoutsic tracks were arranged for full band on stage and in the studio.  After first performing at Bournemouth Folk Club, Dan and Monique extended the line-up with Gav Jones (Drums), Catherine Burke (Whistle) and initially Martyn Oakland (Bass) - Bob Burke replaced Oakland for the recordings and played a utility role for live shows during 2008-09.


Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals

[LIVE] Djambo (2000-present)

Fusion of music from around the world, as fronted by Paul Burke (Vocals, Sax, Mandolin, Grandad), featuring Catherine Burke (Vocals, Whistle, Flute, Auntie), Bob Burke (Guitar, Vocals, Dad), Connor Burke (Bass, Son/Grandson) and honorary 'Burkes', Darren Shaw and Martin Common (percussion).  Previous line-ups have included Dr Zodiac, Martin Holloway, Guy Wood and Barry & Joe Limburn

Bob Burke, Shadow of Mercury, 2008

Building on a productive year's songwriting around Europe, Russia and the UK in 2007, Shadow of Mercury helped Bob Burke cement his reputation for his brand of 'acoustic funk-folk'.  The recordings were built on a series of collobarations with percussionist Gav Jones and feature a range of special guests including Si Genaro (Harmonica), Catherine Burke (Recorders), Andy Stone (Guitar) and Aimee Newsome-Stone (Vocals).  The live shows also featured Lidia Cascarino-Close on bass.


Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass, Production, Composition, Songwriting

[LIVE] Lou Brown Band (1999-2008)

Brown's effortless songwriting and disarming honesty, coupled with her catchy melodies, captivated audiences in the UK and in the USA during the 2008 tour with Aimee Newsome-Stone.  Following several years of working as a duo, Burke and Brown used an extended line-up around the release of WAYSA.  Burke subsequently rejoined Brown and Newsome-Stone with Clive Gregson, Lidia Cascarino-Close, Simon Whitbread for the 2010 release of Calm the Rising Waters.

Click for What Are You Singing About?

Lou Brown, What Are You Singing About?, 2007

The debut album from Lou Brown, What Are You Singing About? paved the way for the successful US tour of 2008, gaining plaudits on both sides of the Atlantic.  After many years of performing together, during 2007 Bob Burke produced this set of recordings, bringing in a range of musicians including Gav Jones on percussion and Lee Drayson on Bass, later handing the mixing and final stages of construction with Andy Stone and Aimee Newsome Stone (due to touring commitments).  These songs capture Brown at the height of her melodic and lyrical prowess and capture the material in a relaxed, homely environment.  Essential listening: 'Scenic View'


Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Piano, Keyboards, ​Production, Musical Direction

[LIVE] Sudarshan (2007)

Touring Russia in 2007 around the successful Sochi bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics, Bob Burke provided bass cover for Hare-Krishna-Metal outfit, Sudarshan.  

As well as the concert for the olympic event, favourite moments from the tour included concerts in a lap-dancing bar and a disused firing range deep in the forest

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Victor Chetcuti, Something Else, 2007

After inviting Vic around for a cup of tea, what happened next resulted in a wonderful journey and a refreshingly honest set of recordings.  With his insightful lyrics and assured musical delivery, Chetcuti really is the archetypal modern troubadour with '3 chords and the truth'.  Recorded across four sessions, these songs capture Victor expressing himself in a range of relaxed setting with friends in tow performing live.  With the addition of Gav Jones (Percussion) and Lee Drayson (Bass) for sessions 2 and 4, these renditions take on a collaborative dimension and session 3 was recorded in Vic's 'Green Castle' (his truck near the New Forest).


Guitar, Production, Musical Direction, maybe a bit of something else!

[LIVE] Victor Chetcuti (Any time!)

The archetypal silver-tongued troubadour, Victor Chetcuti performs in the moment armed with a natural, rhythmic guitar style and insightful observational lyrics.  Chetcuti's music is a life-affirming escape from reality and over the last decade we have been blessed to share many wonderful musical journeys.           

The F&R Trio, Rainshine, 2004

The F&R Trio brought together The Birdtribe's Simon Greenhill (Daddy Funk) on Percussion, and Yip's Andy Stone on Acoustic Guitar and Bob Burke on Piano and Guitar for the instrumental album, Rainshine.  Inspired by nature's forces and performed completely live with an emphasis on improvisation, these tracks bring together a sonic and harmonic palette from folk, rock and contemorary composition and develop them through improvised journeys which reject the traditional balance of soloist and accompaniment in favour of an organic, unfolding acoustic conversation.


Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Composition, Improvisation

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The Inhabitants of YIP, Children of the Sun
[1994-98 Retrospective], 2003

Featuring material that was the bedrock of The Inhabitants of Yip's successful live shows but never released during the bands' existence, this retrospective collection contributed a large missing piece in the bands' post-Fish in the Sky history.  The productions were built on rediscovered demos and recordings from Yip's more experimental period, lovingly reconstructed by Andy Stone at Fresh Cuts Studio with Tony Wice.  Essential listening: 'Water of Life'.


Keyboards, Composition, Songwriting

The Linford Project, The Linford Project, 2002

The Linford Project was recorded with Tony Wice in Fresh Cuts Studios in Bournemouth while Burke was studying at the University of Southampton.  Essentially a solo album, this release explores a range of songs and instrumental material including 'Bugs With Wings', a reworked recording featuring Cathy Stevens, Udo Dzierzanowski and Andy Stone (live quartet performances as BUCA).  The album created the foundation for a series of live collaborations performed during 2002-03, including a main stage set with Catherine Burke and Gav Jones at the Larmer Tree Festival.


Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion, Composition, Songwriting, Production

Merchant Cellar, Merchant Cellar, 1998

1998 was a period of transition in which Burke left the keyboard duties with YIP (as well as a range of other performing acts) and recast himself as an acoustic guitar frontman.  Merchant Cellar developed as a songwriting and production partnership with Lee Cleary and the album was recorded with former YIP percussionist, Gav Jones, and longstanding Smith Brothers bassist, Martin Holloway.  This voyage into dark folk-rock colourings explores the psyche of the creative voyeur and hints at some of the later funk-folk of Shadow of Mercury.


Production, Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin

[LIVE] The Inhabitants of YIP (1994-98)

The Inhabitants of YIP was at the cutting edge of the vibrant early 90s Bournemouth music scene and sporned many spin off projects, most notably the improvisation events branded Tantric YIP.  Built around strong musical foundations from Andy Stone and Mark Arnold, the YIP events were vibrant events with psychedelic light shows and projections and frequent unexpected happenings.

Click for Fish in the Sky

The Inhabitants of YIP, Fish in the Sky, 1995

The first full CD release of Andy Stone's brainchild, The Inhabitants of Yip, the bulk of Fish in the Sky was recorded in the year before Bob Burke joined the band but after signing to Jimmy Devlin's label MDMC, two tracks were re-recorded ('The Mysteries' and 'Terrifically Amazing') and piano composition, 'Halcyon Zephyrs', was added.  Fish in the Sky captures the band just as they depart for more psychedelic territory - never captured during the bands' existence, but released in the retrospective Children of the Sun (see above).


Keyboards, Piano, Composition, Songwriting

Mad Professor Brown's Giant Ego Trip, 1994 [Cassette]

The debut release of Mad Professor Brown's Giant Ego Trip feaaturing Mad Professor Brown (Drums, Vocals); Bob Burke (Keyboards, Vocals); Craig Wilson (Guitar, Vocals); and Matt Craddock (Bass).  Recorded on 24 track 2" tape for Deltra Records, these recordings capture energetic performances of brand new material (the band was formed in December 1993 and the recordings where made in March 1994).  Fusing Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd and a healthy dose of the professor's insanity, the title track explores the role of professors in the demise of Planet Earth.


Vocals, Keyboards, Composition, Songwriting

Click for 'Mad Professor Brown's Giant Ego Trip'

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