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'Playing in a Band' Workshop at UTOPODIUM, Lelystad, Netherlands

Apr 2024


UTOPODIUM is a fantastic new venue which has opened up in Lelystad, in the Flevoland region of the Netherlands.


This workshop will be hosted by Bob Burke and Steve Perry (Fevertree, Andy Mitchell, Karmine, Gyan Evans).


'Playing in a Band' is a taster for Steve's forthcoming workshop series at UTOPODIUM, and will focus on topics such as The Stage Zone, Inter-band Communication, Creating Effective Arrangements and Musical Direction & Leadership.


Come along and say hello!


The workshop starts at 2pm...


July 2024


Take the most beautiful, inspiring locations

Infuse with a carefully constructed programme of stimulating musical and cultural journeys…

Designed and delivered by some of the most diverse and productive creative minds in today’s music industry…

And slow-roast over several days in the experience of a select group of open-minded musicians and lyricists, willing to explore new ideas and experiences in order to reveal new seams of creative songwriting


Il Castello di Monticello d’Alba was captured by the Roeros in a populist uprising in 1370 and the family have been in residence ever since.  Lose yourself in the gallery with the portraits of the Roero ancestors, enjoy the views over the rolling hills of Barolo vineyards and the ancient towns of Alba and Bra, explore the armoury, relax in the library or just stroll around the grounds until you feel at home…


Designed for songwriters, semi-professional musicians and enthusiasts, use this unique opportunity to release the music inside you and immerse yourself in a songstorm of creative energies. 

Coda Community Singing Group  (Return visit!  Jan 2024)


A fun, informal singing group led by Bob Burke with an ethos of collaborative vocal arrangement.  The music includes pop songs from the 50s to the present, folk songs, songs from the shows and a variety of songs from around the world.  Many of the arrangements are in two or three part harmony but all learning is done by ear and members are not expected to read music.  The group currently has some 35 members and meet at Coda Music Centre at 7.30pm on a Tuesday evening.

Music Cauldron Creative Music Making Workshops at the Coda Music Centre

June 2024 


The Music Cauldron aims to bring a wide range of students together to take part in masterclass workshops and ultimately to work as a creative ensemble, exploring repertoire and creating and composing new work alongside professional music leaders. The first project, a songwriting workshop took place in October 2010 with monthly sessions now ongoing. If you wish to develop composition, improvisation and performance skills please get in touch for more information.

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